You can feel the difference and class once you set your eyes on it. Everlast siding’s solid construction implies that the boards are accurately aligned against the exterior structures of your house. Its unique structure and collection are made from polymer resins, acrylic colorants, and inorganic materials. The combination of these materials generates a reliable and lasting product that will save guard your house from unfriendly summer temperatures and winter’s cold weather.


Our Everlast siding is developed with solid and deep rich polymeric materials that give it its strength and resistance while still retaining its attractiveness. Also, it is not made of wood, unlike any other siding products that are developed with wood which render them liable to degradation once they come in contact with moisture.

Another awesome advantage is its easy maintenance structure as with all Everlast products; you can easily remove mud, oil or crayon stains, etc from it. All you need is a simple swipe with a damp cloth or spray of water to restore it to its original luster.

As its name sounds, Everlast, it comes with a lifetime guarantee for its color and material also it is well guaranteed against impact damage, high winds, moisture or extreme temperatures. It doesn’t need to be maintained or repainted always. Though the initial cost for the Everlast siding installment cost is higher than fiber or vinyl cement siding, it is still worth it as it is more likely to serve its purpose for its present owner or even the next owner without the need of maintenance or replacements.

So if you require a competent everlast siding installation, and replacement company for your house projects, Roofing, Windows and Siding in East Brunswick is your best bet to successfully execute your project with our expert builders.